Would like to use convergence in our organisation


I am keen to prototype convergence in my organisation for a POC to introduce it to my organisation (Nearmap). We build geospatial apps to handle measurements over aerial imagery and we’d like our customers to be able to collaborate with each other when doing so.

I have a few questions regarding convergence:

  • How much load can one instance of the server handle? Can we scale the real-time server horizontally using kubernetes? Should we identify different parts of the model with different load capacities and split them up? For example maybe map navigation and feature drawing might have different capacities?
  • If we have our own authentication (provided by a sidecar container) can we plug that into the convergence container? Is the authentication a necessity?
  • If we use our own JWT for authentication can convergence differentiate the same user connecting over different tabs?
  • Can we have a single admin/REST server with multiple RealTime servers?

Hope someone can help.

Thank you,

Hi Anu, welcome to the forum.

Please refer to this article for questions about scalability. Geospatial apps can require a lot of data to be synced, so it generally comes down to making sure that you’re only syncing parts of the data model that really need to be synced (as opposed to the entire thing). We also have a demo app that uses ArcGIS, you could probably glean some best practices from that.

As for authentication, Convergence accepts a JWT generated by your server. As for multiple tabs, yes, each session is explicitly authenticated so it knows about the user in each.

As for multiple realtime servers, yes, have a look at our example docker-compose repo for an example of splitting out the services.

Hope that helps!