Welcome to the Convergence Community

The Convergence Community Forum is a place for users and contributors of Convergence to come together to make Convergence better and to pave the way for the development of the next generation of collaborative software.

Please use the Convergence Community Forum to:

  • Ask question about Convergence
  • Discuss best practices around developing collaborative software
  • Suggest new features
  • Ask for help on an issue you are having
  • Show off something cool you have built with Convergence

Please do not:

  • Post blatant marketing material that adds no value to the group
  • Discuss topics completely unrelated to Convergence or the development of collaborative software
  • Post anything that violates our code of conduct.

Feel free to discuss bugs here, but our formal issue reporting system is over at GitHub here: https://github.com/convergencelabs/convergence-project