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Do you have any user guide on the administration page? Why I am asking is because i am thinking of creating multiple users handling different domains. But it seems that the roles is unclear. i.e. what can a server administrator/domain administrator/developer do? I tried to create a developer account but it is able to edit all the users, including server administrator

Greetings. Thanks for asking the question.

Let me verify the functionality to see if we have a bug. I think adding a page to the developer guide would help. I will report back here tomorrow with an interim answer and create an issue to add this to the guide.

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It looks like there might be a bug here. Essentially it’s supposed to work as follows:

  • Developer: Can log in and interact with domains they have explicit access too. The permissions they have within the domain would control if they are able to control the permissions within a specific domain.
  • Domain Admin: Can do everything that a Developer can do, but also create and remove domains in shared namespaces. But can not manage users.
  • Server Admin: Can do everything a domain admin can do, but also manage server users.

It looks like RC5 has a bug here, but we have not tracked down exactly what it is. I will be creating a bug report. I’ll post it here.

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We have verified that there is a bug here. We are working on a fix now and will release and update in the 1.0.0-rc.6 release.

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Just to keep the thread up to date, this but has been fixed and will be released soon.

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