I worked yesterday with convergence and all was good.
I stopped Docker and shutdown my computer.

Today I restart and want to continue to test a collaborative project and I have this.

Impossible to do it work. I had already this problem and the unique solution I found were to delete the container and recreate it.

How much RAM have you allocated to the container(s)? We sometimes see this sort of problem when there are constrained resources.

I did not allocate specific RAM. I just follow the getting started guide to download and start the container.

I can try to allocate a specific number and see if the problem occurs again.

I did not close safely the docker container at the last use. I just stop the computer. Perhaps it’s linked ?

Did you have a web browser tab or application open while you were starting up? We have a bug where the REST and WebSocket APIs come up before the system is actually ready. If you are trying to connect (which the Convergence client is by default trying to reconnect) while the server is starting up, what usually happens is that the API tries to communicate with the rest of the system, which is trying to start up, and eventually times out (if the system doesn’t finish starting up fast enough).

I don’t know, I don’t remember. I will be careful next time.
Today I had the same error message but the console show a message like “database shutdown” and after that, it worked good. Like an auto restart in case of problem.