Rich text editing

Hi !

My app is a platform to help people to write their book from zero.

It has 17 000 registred users and 2000 active users.
it use the wysiwyg ckeditor4 rich text editor.

I would like to know what types of rich text editing library you support.
I see in examples the froala.

The reason it works is because Froala is compatible with collaborative solution ?

What are the prerequies ? How the conflicts are managed ?

Another great question we support basic collaborative rich text editing for editors like Forala and TinyMCE. Which web based editor are you using now? We are working on additional rich text right support right now and would be willing to see what you need. Would you willing to chat about what you are trying to do with us? We can either chat on a voice call or perhaps in our slack.

@michael looks like maxi’s app uses ckeditor 4.

We have very basic support for any HTML-based rich text editor, but for any real-world usage scenario there are limitations. I’m not sure if codox’s froala integration is any more robust than ours.

@maxiplay as michael mentioned, we’re interested in discussing your goals here or in private if desired, either here or in our Slack channel.

Yes it will be a pleasure to discuss !

I played with convergence today and deploy a test server.
It seems ckeditor 4 is well managed by your dom listener !
I tested it a little and it does the job even if the conflicts are sometimes erased.

Also I don’t had difficulties to implement convergence with the Polymer 1.9 library.

You can test the try directly on this address

I don’t know if you already read this article but it is very very interesting about collaboration rich text editor.

Yes! We have been looking at what the modern Rich Text editors are doing for their data model. This is one of our next major projects.

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