RESOLVED: Convergence server hung on "loading domain"

nvm, it was an Edge thing. Works fine on firefox.

I have an app that has been running fine for a couple of months using a server on an Azure ubuntu machine on port 8000. Today, after adding a .css and .js file, I started getting connectivity errors to the server. So I logged into the console and tried to browse to my domain, and I received a “loading domain” spinner, with the below error message in the dev console.

I tried sudo starting and restarting the convergence server, and the symptom remains.

" convergence.esm.js:863 WebSocket connection to ‘ws://’ failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established.

_doClose @ convergence.esm.js:863
terminate @ convergence.esm.js:826
abort @ convergence.esm.js:6163
_onConnectionTimeout @ convergence.esm.js:6842
setTimeout (async)
_scheduleConnectionTimeout @ convergence.esm.js:6833
_attemptConnection @ convergence.esm.js:7080
connect @ convergence.esm.js:6876
connectWithJwt @ convergence.esm.js:18822
connectWithJwt @ convergence.esm.js:18964
(anonymous) @ ConvergenceDomainStore.ts:47

Any suggestions for where to start looking to fix this?


Thanks for reporting this. It looks like we should test this out on edge. We will add this to our backlog.

More information. It wasn’t edge/firefox, it was edge getting into some weird state. Stopping and restarting edge fixed the problem. I’m having the same problem when running my app from localhost and it tries to access the server on a remote box. In that case, stopping and restarting Edge fixed it. This might be happening after a hibernation.