Problem initializing convergence-omnibus

Hello Convergence community,

I’m trying to build an application using Convergence. It will be basically a Java server, the front-end with the real time collaborative text editor and Convergence. However, I can’t get Convergence to even start! After running the command docker run -p "8000:80" --name convergence convergencelabs/convergence-omnibus it seems to start up. However, after a long time on the lines:

20:55:40 INFO  ConvergenceDatabaseInitializer - bootstrapping namespace 'convergence'
20:55:40 INFO  ConvergenceDatabaseInitializer - bootstrapping domain 'convergence/default'

It says:

20:58:38 ERROR ConvergenceServer$ - The server did not start up in time. Exiting.
20:58:38 INFO  ConvergenceServer$ - JVM Shutdown Hook invoked, stopping services
20:58:38 WARN  SystemErr - Sep 13, 2020 8:58:38 PM com.orientechnologies.common.log.OLogManager log
INFO: Orient Engine is shutting down...

After that it closes everything, and spits Socket closed followed by a gigantic log. Trying to load the example page at any point results in a 21:00:13 ERROR DomainActor - DomainActor(convergence/default): Authentication failed being thrown. And the page don’t work of course.

What could this be? I’m running the docker container on my own Arch Linux machine. The full log can be found here:

Greetings. This seems to be a timing issue. There is a timeout that if the server does not start up by, we assume that there was some initialization error such that the server does not sit starting up forever. It looks like that on your particular machine, on first stat up it is taking too long. Generally the first time you start the container (or always if you don’t persist the volume). The server needs to bootstrap a few of the databases which can take a little bit of time.

I suspect this could be fixed by lengthening the timeout as shown in the config file below.

This could probably be patched into the container through a volume mount. This is the default config used:

You could add the config above and make it longer, them mount the config into the container and see if it works.