Multiple (Different) Editors for Same Model Element

I am considering to re-implement a Qt-based C++ desktop app as web app with real-time collaboration facilities. I have almost no experience at all with any wep app technology, so I will need to learn a lot :thinking:

Next to supporting real-time synchronization between different users based on a model-view like architecture, it should support the ability to have multiple different editors to the same model element. To explain what I mean with that, I will refer to the chart.js example as part of it is actually very similar to the very first ‘hello-world’ like Signal-Slot example in this Qt book. I have the impression that this could also be done in Convergence, but I would like to see the source code of an example.

The chart.js example has sliders to modify two different views, namely the chart and the textual weight-values just behind the sliders. This shows me that multiple views on the same model element is possible. In case these textual weight-values would also be editable such that both the chart and the slider position changes accordingly, we have basically this ‘hello-world’ like Qt example. Would somebody be able & willing to extend the current chart.js example to provide example source code for multi-way synchronization when there are multiple (different) editors for the same model element?