Jwt connection with nodejs

I’ve installed an image of convergence server on an Ubuntu 18 with:

docker run --net=host --name convergence convergencelabs/convergence-omnibus

I’ve create a domain with name living, keyId =“jwtliving070920” and I’ve generated the public/private keypair (checked the Enabled).

I’m trying to connect to the convergence server using a nodejs app:

const pathkey = path.join(__dirname, '/../conf/pkliving.key');
const privateKey = fs.readFileSync(pathkey);
var keyId = "jwtliving070920";
var gen = new JwtGenerator(keyId, privateKey);
var claims = { firstName: "myname", lastName: "mysurname" };
var username = "[email protected]";
var token = gen.generate(username, claims);
const url = "";

Convergence.connectWithJwt(url, token, {
    webSocket: {
       factory: (u: any) => new WebSocket(u, { rejectUnauthorized: false}),
       class: WebSocket
.then((domain: any) => {
     console.log("Connection success");    
.catch((error: any) => {
   console.log("Connection failed")

I end up with the following error

ConvergenceError: Authentication failed
   at ConvergenceConnection._handleConnectionFailure (C:\Users\pulic\source\repos\living\livingapi\node_modules\@convergence\convergence\convergence.js:7277:45)
   at ConvergenceConnection.<anonymous> (C:\Users\pulic\source\repos\living\livingapi\node_modules\@convergence\convergence\convergence.js:7241:29)
   at Generator.next (<anonymous>)
   at fulfilled (C:\Users\pulic\source\repos\living\livingapi\node_modules\@convergence\convergence\convergence.js:54:58)
   at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5) {
 _code: 'authentication_failed',
 _details: {}

what am I doing wrong?

This looks reasonable. Are there any error logs on the server side. Are you using the omnibus docker container?

Are you setting the required headers and claims as documented here? https://docs.convergence.io/guide/authentication/json-web-tokens/