Json model contain html


How do you manage mixed data.

My model is a big Json object and certains data fields contain HTML from a wysiwyg.

When I want a collab session about Wysiwyg I do this.

When I want a collab session about simple input text I do this.

How to manage a Json containing two fields. One has HTML, the other simple text.

It seems it works like this !

Welcome back @maxiplay!

Are you seeing an issue? I’m not sure what the problem is. It appears that in one case the data is available under the editorText property of the root object, and in the other under text.

Yes no problem now about that. Seems works great except for big json. I met a timeout connection in the convergence log. I need to explore more et test with more data. I send you feedback as soon as possible.

OK, good to hear. Yes, depending on your data architecture it sometimes makes sense to break out into separate models based on data size, participants etc. But that of course can create its own problems in keeping them in sync.

Greetings, there are also some configuration you can set that might resolve the timeout exceptions.

Ok. I will come back to you as soon as I have advanced further.
I succeed to do evolution on the RealTimeModel.
I needed to add new elements in an array but I couldn’t find any info in the API.


finally, I managed to find by doing some tests

var modelElement = model.elementAt(path);

Ok I found also info here


Yes that is the correct way. I think we are going to update the documentation to make it easier to find things.