Indexing issue with the Ace editor

I have tried convergence in my angular project with the ace editor.
I’m facing an indexing issue with the code.
Here are the steps to reproduce the issue.

Step 1: Open an example of ace editor on the convergence website and paste the below code.

using System;

public class Test
    public static string battle(int Y)
        string result = "";

        //write your Logic here:

        return result;
    public static void Main()
        //INPUT [uncomment & modify if required]
        int Y = 0;
        Y = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

        //OUTPUT [uncomment & modify if required]

The editor looks like this-

Step 2 -
After pasting code insert “hello” text at line no. 11 -

Step 3 -
When we insert “hello” text, other participants who have joined the same session will see the below code on their code editor.

How to solve the above issue?
Thanks in advance

Just to make sure I understand. Are you inserting the text with the quotes or not? This could be a bug with the Ace Editor Extensions. We have seen instances where the Ace Editor tries to do something smart and adds or removes characters when pasting in.

hi @michael
Thanks for your reply.
I’m inserting text without quotes.
I’m inserting plain text i.e. hello.

What do I need to do to solve this error?

This looks like a bug in the ace editor extensions. We will likely have to release a new version. There is likely an issue with the adapter when there is a paste event. What version of the ACE editor are you using?

Ace Editor version - 1.4.5.


Alright. I will check this out this weekend and let you know if there is a bug fix availble.

Hi @michael

Any update?

I have also faced this issue with the Monaco editor.
Sometimes it is inserting text at the wrong index.
Attaching a screenshot for more details.

The screen of participant 1 who inserted text -

The screen of participant 2 -

Text -

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
void battle(char Y[]){
    //write your Logic here:
int main(void) {
    //INPUT [uncomment & modify if required]
    char Y[100]=" ";
    //OUTPUT [uncomment & modify if required]

I have simmilar issue, and now was solved by read advice you guys
jakarta selatan
best regards

We have made several improvements to the Convergence client over the last several months. One of our tasks in the coming two weeks is to go update all of the examples and adapters to use the latest client. While we do this, we will test this use case for Ace and Monaco. Both adapters use some of the same underlying code, so it is possible that there is a bug that would impact both.

Greetings. I checked the workflow above in our latest examples, with the latest release and was not able to reproduce the error. If you try it again in the current examples do you still see the bug?

We have not been to reproduce this particular error. If you could record a video from the very beginning of the session it would be helpful in determining the root cause.