Impossible to quickstart


I followed this link to quickstart.

The install seems ok.
But when I try to launch model-getting-started.git, the websocket connection find a 404 from the realtime server.

Greetings! Thanks for reaching out. I think your docker run command is incorrect. The omnibus container comes with an NGINX proxy that is the main HTTP endpoint and it runs on port 80. Therefore you should be mapping port 8000 to port 80. Where as you seem to be mapping it to 8080.

If you look at the quickstart guide you mentioned, the correct command is:

docker run -p "8000:80" --name convergence convergencelabs/convergence-omnibus

This should hopefully resolve the issue.

Also, the omnibus container exposes multiple things like the WebSocket API, REST API, Admin Console, etc. If you map to port 80, then when you go to http://localhost:8000/ you will be able to log in to the admin console with username admin and password password. If you map to port 8080, then you are trying to directly hit the WebSocket connection and none of the other things will work.

Yes it works!
I had problems relative Docker and play with ports.

My OS is Windows (family) and I need to use “Docker Toolbox” with virtualBox to use Docker.
I was need to use port mapping in virtualBox to map port correctly.

Thanks for the assistance.

I will take a look to Convergence. The concept is great !
I thought to build a similar technology from 1 years because I meet similar needs : "How to transform my platform ( to a collaborative platform ? "