How to listen to changes on a specific model element

Is there a way to listen to changes on specific model elements? In the code below I’d want to listen to changes that happen to the bound stringElement so I know when collaborators have made changes to this field.

const textInput = <HTMLInputElement>document.getElementById('textInput');
    const stringElement = <RealTimeString>model.elementAt('textInput'); // listen for changes on this
    ConvergenceInputElementBinder.bindTextInput(textInput, stringElement);

I’ve tried things like this for listening to changes but haven’t been able to find anything that works.

stringElement.addListener('insert', () => { console.log('value changed'); });
    stringElement.on('value', () => { console.log('value changed'); } );

This should generally work. Is the ConvergenceInputElementBinder not syncing between the fields? Are you sure both users have opened the same model? Also have you tried logging into the Admin Console and verifying that the changes are being reflected there?