Good morning question about installing Code Editor Demo

good morning everyone, I hope everyone in good shape.

my problem is when I am trying to install Code Editor Demo and I try to type npm start a long list of errors come out anyone can help me.

Did you first do an “npm install”, before running npm start?

my bad I installed it and it is going to the open server know.

there is a problem in my case as it is menschen in the documentation to change the localhost and I have done it CONVERGENCE_URL: ‘http://localhost:8000’,

but when the code start it shows me that I am connected to localhost 3000

any advice?

thanks for your time.

adding to the last part I think this is a problem because of the port

Do you have a Convergence server running? Here is an overview of how to do that:

the server is running but I don’t know why it is going to port 3000 instead of 8000 I changed the line as you said in the tutorial but still

So the code editor Demo will open up the React App on port 3000, but the server should be running on port 8000 (if you are using the omnibus container). There is a configuration in the code editor to point it to where the server’s realtime API is. The file below would need to be changed to point to where you have your server running.

Something like:

DOMAIN_URL: 'http://localhost:8000/api/realtime/convergence/default'

thanks, it is working.

Does the code have documentation for it?

thanks for your time

Unfortunately there is not documentation other than the README. This was just an internal demo, and not really intended for production usage. We just provided the source in case it proved useful. If you have questions feel free to ask.


in your opinion, if I want to capture the text of the chat and code editor part and save it where can I do it? what are the files I need to edit to do this?

have a good day.

Are you wanting to save the text of a file that is open, or a file that is closed?

I want to do it dynamically for an open file while the code editor is running( for both chat and the code)

In addition, where is the code files are saved? I mean in the collaboration part, I can see that the coding part that both sides are working on is saved and can come back to where they stopped, where is that file saved? There is a history of what they have done. Where can I find it in the system?

On the server side, the contents are in an OrientDB database that convergence uses. You can gain access to the contents of the models using the REST API.

On the client side the the data is in the RealTmeModel for that file. I believe they are managed here:

is there any way to save the data as text or I need to use DB in that?

If you have the model open from the client side you can get the text. If you look here:

You will see that there is a contentModel variable. This is the RealTimeString the represents the text data. Calling contentModel.value() at any time would give you the current editor contents as a string. I suppose calling this._editor.getSession().getValue() or something like that would get the data from the Ace Editor also.


how to get access to the database of the project? I installed OrientDB and I am trying to find a way to access it. I downloaded the database but I can’t figure out the username and password of it. do you know the username and the password or away it figure it
I tried the command you told me about and it is good to go. however, react.js don’t allow to write in a file (text). that’s why I am trying to get access to the DB.

Are you using the omnibus container?

I pulled the database from the container and trying to access it

Greetings. I believe you could just expose the OrientDB Database ports and access OrientDB directly. From the OrientDB studio you can export the database if you choose. The OrientDB studio is on port 2480, and the database itself is on 2424.

In terms of copying the database, did you try to copy it out of the container with the docker copy command?