Good morning question about installing Code Editor Demo

good morning everyone, I hope everyone in good shape.

my problem is when I am trying to install Code Editor Demo and I try to type npm start a long list of errors come out anyone can help me.

Did you first do an “npm install”, before running npm start?

my bad I installed it and it is going to the open server know.

there is a problem in my case as it is menschen in the documentation to change the localhost and I have done it CONVERGENCE_URL: ‘http://localhost:8000’,

but when the code start it shows me that I am connected to localhost 3000

any advice?

thanks for your time.

adding to the last part I think this is a problem because of the port

Do you have a Convergence server running? Here is an overview of how to do that:

the server is running but I don’t know why it is going to port 3000 instead of 8000 I changed the line as you said in the tutorial but still