Error at convergence-omnibus container when generating model onOpenAutoCreate using mongo generated id

Hi. Thanks for developing this great solution that allow developers to implement features that requires collaborative editing.

I am trying to develop a POC with the UI using vuejs and java. The backend microservice uses mongo as the persistent store.

What I am trying to achieve is that upon loading of a object from mongo, create a model under a specified domain. I followed the guide and pass in the mongo id as the id of the model to convergence but was not getting any response. Went on to check the logs and saw some errors along the line of“Id of the model”. Note the characters “”. Just wondering if this is normal?

If you want to paste the log here, we’d be happy to take a look and see if we can help. Does the model id actually container quote characters?

Hi Michael, thanks for replying! hmmm i just did a restart of the docker container to start afresh. It is a different error now.

As I work in an offline environment. it is kind of hard for me to copy out logs. So I have to manually type out the logs. This is the logs from running docker logs convergence. Do let me know if you require the stack trace of the error.

ERROR ModelClientActor - DomainId(namespace,domain)/5e6ae9c05ac61e000178a2f6: unexpected error opening model.
akka.pattern.AskTimeoutExceptionL ask timed out on [Actor[akka://Convergence/system/sharding/RealtimeModelShard#-1670778091]] after [10000 ms]. Message of type [com.convergencelabs.convergence.server.domain.model.OpenRealtimeModelRequest] was sent by [Actor[akka://Convergence/user/$f/$b#1546438674]]. A typical reason for ‘AskTimeoutException’ is that the recipient actor didn’t send a reply.

I expose the orientDB running in the container and look thru the schema. Saw that the object was indeed created in orientDB. But was unable to retrieve the model data from the administration page. Not sure if this helps in the investigation.


Sorry that you are having this issue. I was wondering in my original question if the model id actually had quotes in it or not. I am going to go look through the code to see if I can find the error messages.

This is not normal. It usually would indicate something has died inside the system.

Thank you so much for your help!