Convergence & OrientDB

Hello Convergence Team,

You sparked a lot of interest and questions !

This thread is for OrientDB

Thank you very much for your time, best regards, Robert

  1. Are you using the 3.x release
  2. Can I install convergence on my own server if I already manage my instances
  3. Have you tried distributed mode



Yes we are using the 3.0.X version of Orient DB. Currently 3.0.32. You can certainly install convergence on your own server and you can point to an existing OrientDB if you like. The “omnibus” container of Convergence contains an embedded OrientDB for convenience, but we have individual containers that can be deployed that can use an external Orient DB.

For Distributed mode, I assume you also mean deploying a Distributed OrientDB cluster. We have tested that out recently. It seems to work but there are some things you need to make sure you have set correctly, like the write quorum, etc. We’d be happy to discuss.


I’m a huge fan of OrientDB !
Following your indications I’ve read project sources to better understand the schemas and deployment to see how it can fit with our requirements.
Thank you for your help !

anyone know an appropriate way to persist changes in OrientDB in docker so that it doesn’t reset everything when container restarts.

currently I’m using docker commit to commit change into another image every time when the running docker container exits.

but the problem with the above approach is too troublesome, you have to do docker commit and then you have to run a new image after commit.

ok, chatted with Michael, so I’m replying here also in case anyone else ran into same issue.

the quickest way is to volume the db folder when running docker container.

something like this: “-v /orientdb-database:/orientdb/databases”

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