Convergence JS API, Angular and deploying to Heroku?

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Convergence is exactly what I have been searching for to implement with my Angular application! First, I was wondering how the JavaScript API works as I have tried using the example code found on the API documentation but have not gotten it to work. (
Secondly, I make use of heroku for some of my applications and I was wondering if i can use heroku to deploy the convergence server? is there a documentation i can reference for convergence server deployment ?

A little about the application I am working on, it serves a code space like codepen, where you can develop using HTML, CSS and JS. What I am trying to do now is give teams the ability to collaborate via the same text editor, possibly making use of convergence as tool for this. Seeing through your examples like the Ace Editor example is the closest to what I am trying to accomplish.

Overall, I need help understanding how to use the convergence JS API and see if I can implement it with my application, and if there is a deployment document or steps that i can reference to learn.

Thank you all in advance!


As for Heroku, I would do some research and see if they support deploying “raw” docker containers, as that’s how Convergence is packaged. Outside of Heroku, all you need is any linux box with docker installed, and it’s a one-liner to get it running. Here are some instructions for getting Docker installed on CentOS.

As for the JS API, our tutorial provides some in-code explanations, and we have a number of resources linked from here. Of course, if you can think of any additional getting started material (additional tutorials, docs, video content etc) that would be helpful, let us know; we’re always looking to make it easier to get started.

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Hey @alec

Thank you for your reply! I appreciate the guidance, I have been working on learning a few more concepts on docker too! And this is great start for me as I should understand how the convergence server is built! Really appreciate the help and if I do have couple more suggestions, maybe the Javascript doc should contain more examples of its implementation. I am very visual person and love to see more examples if I am being honest, so it will lead me to the next suggestion, more hands on video tutorials to get some one started is an awesome idea. I love the one you guys have on the opening page and more like that will be highly appreciated!

Thanks again.