Convergence & gRPC

I saw that you use gRPC over http.

Can you expose gRPC service directly so I can reach out with other framework ?
Also do you plan some others clients than JS ?

Thank you very much !

We don’t actually use gRPC. gRPC doesn’t (or at least didn’t) work all the way to a browser. We ARE using Google Protocol Buffers, but over a web socket connection.

We don’t have any other clients yet, but we assumed that we would create a Java client at some point, and other clients if people are interested.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick reply.

gRPC is kinda protocol buffer over http 2.0. Web Socket is very standard but very difficult to manage when scaling since it’s a different protocol over http 2 or even Server Sent Event.

Maybe you can have a look at how Firebase from Google works with gRPC under the hood providing clients for every platforms, high volume streaming and low latency.